Friday, 17 February 2012

Contemporary African Interior Design
Phillipe Bestenheider

African textiles in general have a great influence on modern day design, Kente in particular because of its bright colours and geometric shapes. This chair by Philippe Bestenheider is an excellent example of this. He has taken a traditional Kente pattern and woven it in striking colours. This is made more contemporary by the modern minimalist shape of the chair itself. "The weaving with textile bands in contrasting colours creates a unique pattern which recalls the Kente fabrics from Ghana." (

Tord Boontje

On the right is a chair by Tord Boontje inspired by Kente cloth and traditional African weaving. The chairs are made contemporary by the use of digitally drawn patterns and woven using coloured plastic threads. The plastic thread used is the same vibrant nylon cord that is used to weave fishing nets in Senegal , a country in West Africa.

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  1. I love both these. A great antidote to sterile white and neutral colours.