Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kente in Contemporary Fashion
 Blue symbolises peace, gold represents royalty. 
This pattern means duality.
 Hemma is a fashion collection created by designers Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon. After a trip to Ghana, where they both fell in love with African fashion and textiles, they launched a collection of luxury womenswear that incorporates the same traditional techniques that have been used to weave fabrics for African nobility for centuries. They were particularly inspired by the intricately handwoven Kente and, drawing from its rich history, they began incorporating it into their designs. The bold colours and geometric shapes are all typical of Kente cloth, but the cloth is fashioned in a more contemporary style.
Purple symbolises healing.
Yellow represents vitality. This pattern means luxury.
Yellow symbolises vitality. 
Green represents prosperity. 
Black symbolises personal growth. 
This pattern means courage.



Alex Boakye
Woven with a cotton and rayon blend, the kente motifs on this bag are underscored by bright pink, which is symbolic of the female essence of life. According to Akan beliefs, pink is associated with tenderness, pleasantness and sweetness.

Alex Boakye was born in Bonwire, a village in the Ashanti Kingdom renowned for Kente weaving. His father was a master weaver and taught him from a very young age. He now has his own workshop where he works alongside five other weavers. They specialise in handbags made from Kente cloth and thrive to create contemporary designs that still incorporate traditional patterns and processes. Historically, kente was reserved for special occasions, festive and or sacred. Now kente artistry stands as a symbol of prestige, cheerfulness and glamour.

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