Monday, 20 February 2012


I have found it very interesting researching Kente cloth. I love all the bright colours and definitely want to use more of these in my work. I also like how the cloth is made up of lots of small pieces of weaving attached together. I would like to use this technique in my work, not just with weaving but with a range of different materials. For example, rather than printing onto a large piece of fabric I could print onto lots of small pieces and then stitch them together. Another aspect of Kente cloth that I have found interesting is the symbolic meaning of the patterns and colours. It has made me consider how colours affect us and what significance they may have. It has also made me think about how clothes can symbolise status, and certain people wear certain types/styles of clothes. I think that doing this research has definitely had an effect on my work, and people who have seen my samples have said that they look very African inspired.

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